Sinem Osman

This project aims to bridge the gap between the lack of 
organ donors in the UK and the declining London meat 
market of Smithfield and traditional British offal dishes. 
The methodology to do this creates a mixed used space, that 
advances in the research of stem cells and combines a meat
restaurant and indoor market. The building is run on a pneumatic 
tube system that replicates the veins of the body and pumps around 
capsules containing all food and lab specimens to the desired 
location; mixing animal and human stock, and mimicking blood 
pumping around the body in the process. 
The building questions why people are so quick to take an organ 
but so reluctant to give one, the project evolved through a series 
of investigations- into local context of other historical sites in the 
area that greatly influence the whole project. Examples being
The Church of St Bartholomew the Great, The Huntarian 
Museum, The Barbican, The Royal College of 
Surgeons and of course Smithfield meat market. 

What’s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of? All aspects of the building represent the body from the labs (the heart) to the pneumatic tube system that pumps blood around the building.



A Date With Data - Hayden Grindell

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Ruilin Wang: DREAMS-Ark

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Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte Arquitectura y Diseño Tadao Ando

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Fantastische paviljoens van Rintala Eggertsson Architects aan de Noorse kust bij Sandhornøya. De paviljoens zijn gemaakt in het kader van het reizend arctische SALT Festival, dat in verschillende landen rond de Noordpool gehouden wordt.

"SALT begins its journey upon an Arctic beach on the mountainous island of Sandhornøya, south of Bodø, Northern Norway, 29th August 2014 until 6th September 2015. Here, at this remote location, surrounded by breath-taking nature, visitors can discover a place to engage the mind, body and soul. SALT will over the coming years travel across the northernmost part of our planet, making a home in Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Spitsbergen, Alaska and Russia. SALT is an ambitious and inspiring concept designed to stir the imagination. Like nothing that has come before, it will also leave no physical trace. SALT is an initiative for arts, culture and environment that will each year move to a new location in the Arctic. SALT uses the Arctic nature as a framework for strong arts and cultural experiences.”

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The flow and interrelation between spaces.

4-Ply museum board | OSB | 1/16” Basswood | 1/4” Rope

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Plaza Mayor UAM, MadridMTM arquitectos