Amazing illustrations by Tatsuyuki Tanaka. I came across his work in a book called Cannabis Works. All I know about him is that he has worked in animation - notably Akira. There doesn’t seem to be much of his art out there besides Cannabis Works and even that seems to be out of print. I would love to see more of his work if anyone has any links.

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Palazzo della Civiltà | Mike Dugenio Hansen | Tumblr

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Ray Oranges


Cape Romano Dome House

"Built in 1981 on the southern tip of Marco Island, the Dome House is an igloo-like concrete complex made up of white dome chambers, now decaying and slipping slowly into the ocean. Many know about it’s whereabouts but it’s origins were up to debate; from alien to secret cults. In truth, it was built by a retired oil producer and inventor… The structures remain there to this day but are so far from the shore due to changing shoreline, that any attempt at saving them has probably long been lost.” [via]

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The Five Stages of Grief | Victoria Siemer

Denial | Anger | Bargaining | Depression | Acceptance 


Anna Pietrzak


Phillip Denny / Thesis / B.Arch / AIA Henry Adams Medal / Carnegie Mellon University / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Advisors: Mary-Lou Arscott, Rami el Samahy, Jonathan Kline, Charles Rosenblum / July 2014

Campus can no longer be a colonized territory of late capitalism, the University an outpost of the disembodied market. For the Institution to regain the precious ground of autonomy, it ought to remember that campus, while referring to ground, structure, and locus of the Institution, originally referred to a battlefield. Now, it would seem that the field has been lost to the market. While the University must strive towards autonomy, it cannot become a hermetic enclave. Throughout its history the University has been, for better or for worse, bound to its reality—and all of the frictions and compromise that entails. Campus thus imagines a radical accommodation of the forces that seek to transgress the limits of the institution and its ideals. A project of utopian realism, Campus recognizes the reality of the University in late capitalism as itself a complex fiction constructed by global forces, and asks: what might happen to our battlefield—campus—when we recognize the forces of global capital as manipulatable flows rather than adversarial conditions?

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Cosmópolis Pt.2 Aldo Crusher


Popular Cable Car Station & Civic Center | Architectureyes
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  |  Video

- The transportation system is an excellent demonstration of how the built environment can influence our daily lives. In the context of the extensive Brazilian “favelas”, where a large amount of population is isolated in the bowels of the city, it is necessary the presence of strong cores of urbanity and connectivity.

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Balancing Catastrophe - East Coast Arks  |  Luke Royffe
Location: Florida, USA
UCL - Bartlett School of Architecture | Unit 11 - Proving Ground 2013
Supervisors: Laura Allen, Kyle Buchanan, Mark Smout

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